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Vidahost Review and Discount Coupon

Vidahost ReviewAs a provider of web design services for small businesses we are often asked our opinion on which hosting company to use. Every time someone asks us that question we have one single answer - Vidahost!

We have used Vidahost ourselves for over 4 years for Yowdoo and had other websites on their hosting prior to that. In some ways the day that we discovered Vidahost was a pivotal moment for our business as at long last we had a hosting company that was able to fulfil our needs and do it with the most awesome customer service. I still remember being shocked at how quickly my support tickets were answered - in most cases I had a response within 5 minutes. It was almost like using a messenger service it was so quick.

Vidahost not only offer a great service but their prices are extremely competitive too. On many hosting plans they offer 3 for 2 deals so you can really grab a great deal. To make the deal even better I have negotiated a Yowdoo Discount Coupon Code with Vidahost that will knock another 10% off the price. The discount code is as follows - simply add it into the appropriate box during the payment process.

Vidahost Discount Coupon Code:


The crazy thing about this level of support was that in the main the tickets were all answered by one of two guys - it was either Seb or Dominic. It seemed that no matter what type of query I had or whatever time of day I raised the support ticket then I would get an answer within minutes. At one point I  was beginning to wonder if the company was being operated by robots rather than human beings!

The reason that I am posting this is because I received an email from Vidahost yesterday inviting me to take a tour of their new office in Slough as I am a long standing client. The business originally started in Bath and only two years ago Seb and Dominic were catering for 5000 clients - all of whom were subscribed via word of mouth and recommendations. Vidahost did not do any advertising to reach that point which tells you an awful lot about how good they are.These two guys have built Vidahost up and now they cater for 60,000 clients and have 58 staff and the company is highly regarded all across the UK. I can honestly say that I think that they deserve every bit of success that they achieve because after 4 years and dozens of websites for both oursleves and our clients, I am still to find fault with their service.

Vidahost Discount Coupon Code:


The hosting packages that are offered are very flexible too so if you need to create additional websites in many cases you can do so on the same hosting account without any additonal costs. Only the Basic package limits you to one website (£17 per annum) but every package thereafter allows you to host multiple websites. For example the Starter package allows you to host up to 6 websites for an annual fee of just £29. If you purchased this on the 3 for 2 deal and used the coupon code above then you will have 3 years hosting for just over £50 + Vat. For the level of service that is being offered by Vidahost that is an insane price. Many of our clients have paid more than that for 1 years hosting just for 1 website.

Anyhow, I will end it there as I seem to have turned into a salesman. I just wanted to point you in the right direction because I truly believe that Vidahost are the number one hosting company in the UK. Search the forums and you will struggle to find a bad word being said about them and that is a rarity for hosting companies. Once you are convinced then pop back here to grab the coupon code - it won't expire any time soon.